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Café Mozart Pettenkoferstraße 2 80336 München

Time for another Stammtisch!

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What's a Stammtisch?

Our monthly meetup

We discuss upcoming conferences, the newest libraries, app ideas, dribbble favorites, etc. But we also just enjoy each other's company and are just as likely to be discussing the quality of the snow in the Alps, climbing techniques and the best Burgers in Munich.










Designers and developers Dinner Beer Discussions Moving forward

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About Refresh

Designers and developers learning from each other


We're designers and developers, passionate about pixels and code. We embrace the rapid development of the web and are open to new ideas. We make things and break things because we can. We are inspired by passion, not profit.

We also understand that we are co-dependent in today's web. We meet up to bridge the gap between our fields, so that we can share and learn from each other to bring the web forward.

Who is behind Refresh?

We are not a company, just people. We volunteer our time and energy to bring you Refresh, because we are looking for the same thing:

In Fall 2011, Dana, Elias, Julie and Sebastian met at conferences and user groups in Switzerland and Germany. We were looking for other people like us. Colleagues and friends said we needed to look in Berlin. We disagreed. And so Refresh was born.

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Members & Friends

Münchner are a friendly bunch.
Don't be shy.

Come join some of our regulars, including these fine folks for dinner, beers and friendly chats.